• 2014 - 2015: Course at the Jean Verdier center, analog and digital photography (Cycles 1 and 2 with Bruno Dubreuil and Carlo Werner).
  • 2015 - 2016: History of Photography with Bruno Dubreuil.
  • 2017 -: street photo.

Photography is not my professional activity and is not intended to become so in the short term.


My practice of street photography is structured by walks, walks not representative of Paris as a whole. I prefer Paris villages as can be Montmartre or Belleville, or the places in which one feels less the presence of the cars: gardens, places, more or less touristy. I started out using mostly very long focal lengths. I still use them from time to time to isolate scenes or flatten shots, but I focus almost exclusively on a more classic focal length in street photography: 35mm. It is a way of bringing me closer to a world from which I also tend to feel more and more distant, as it evolves towards the antipodes of my ideals / utopias.


  • November 2019, My Republic, Years I and II, 21x21, 90 pages, limited edition of 50 numbered and signed copies plus 10 outside the collection.
  • June 2017, A few Days in China, A5, 70pages, out of print.